MaginTech does profit enhancing predictions, matchings, automated quality monitoring and clustering by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies

Data Analysis TechnologyText Analysis Technology


MaginTech’s data analysis technology ensures efficiency in sales strategy for companies. Make predictions by merging demographic information and habits of the company customers and external decision-making data.

Sales Ball

Connects the customer with right product through the right employee.

Automatically creates individual campaigns for customers.

Determine optimum communication method for each customer.


Accuracy Rate

Real Estate Sales data was analyzed to see which property to sell to whom

Efficient Sales

The right connection makes the full use of the potential of employees and enables more efficient sales

Needed Opportunities

Thanks to the right campaign production, you will provide your customers with the opportunities they need and increase your sales.

Loyal Customers

You receive loyalty with special service for every customer

Collection Ball

Connects the debtor with right employee.

Determine optimum call time for collection.

Determines whether the debtor will pay his debt and how much to pay


Accuracy Rate

data from a collection company was analyzed to see if the debtor will pay his/her debt or not


The right connection makes the full use of the potential of employees and enables more efficient collection


You can make more collection with the same number of employees.


You can know how much you can collect form debtor before calling him/her


MaginTech’s text analysis technology measures quality of call center employee automatically during conversation and reports call reason of customers.

Quality Ball

Keep track of your service level live.

Automatically track all calls and tell success rate.

Can identify customer requests according to call center calls


Accuracy Rate

Automotive Company’s Call center speech data was analyzed for categorization

knowıng more

You can find out all the services provided by your call center employees either live or at the end of the month

hıgher qualıty

You can increase quality of your services with same employees

rıght approach

Before you can communicate with your customers, you can get an idea of ​​how you should approach

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